Do good, wisely

Social Welfare

We support NGOs and foundations that provide welfare and basic services to socially vulnerable groups, decrease social exclusion and unemployment.


We intend to help improve early care and education programs in order to enable every child to succeed not only in school but also in life.

Arts and Culture

We support innovative ideas, cultural programs and events that promote the spirit of teamwork, philanthropic giving and knowledge sharing.

Health and Science

We focus on improving the healthcare system for the people in need and promoting new scientific research and technology in the sector.

Human Rights

We support and advise organizations and individuals who promote the equality of human rights, democratic principles and values.

elpis Philanthropy Advisors

Reviving Philanthropy

Today's donors seek to spend their money more wisely by becoming better educated, and by applying business tools to their philanthropic endeavors. They look for results and want to be assured that their money is not being wasted. Increased transparency and accountability are more important than ever, not only for regaining the trust of interested donors, but also for facilitating smart, ethical and efficient more

Latest elpis news and events

The international event, “The Creative Economy – An Infinite Opportunity for Growth,” which was organized by elpis successfully took place on Saturday, October 18th at the Acropolis Museum!


The Orange Economy: An Infinite Opportunity Buitrago Restrepo, Pedro Felipe; Duque Márquez, Iván
Oct 2013

This manual has been designed and written with the purpose of introducing key concepts and areas of debate around the "creative economy", a valuable development opportunity that Latin America, the Caribbean and the world at large cannot afford to miss. The creative economy, which we call the "Orange Economy" in this book (you'll see why), encompasses the immense wealth of talent, intellectual property, interconnectedness, and, of course, cultural heritage of the Latin American and Caribbean region (and indeed, every region).