ELPIS Philanthropy Advisors – Major Milestones 2012-2014

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They established ELPIS two years ago because they saw a need. They felt there was a wide discrepancy between investment issues and philanthropic purposes of all forms, not only in Greece but also abroad. They stepped in hoping to fill that discrepancy.

Since its founding, ELPIS has been active in many philanthropic areas – across a full spectrum of social issues, ranging from welfare and health/science to education and the arts.

They are proud of what They have accomplished over these past two years and are optimistic about the future of philanthropy in countries across the globe. As they begin phasing out our enterprise over the next few months, please know how grateful they are for your interest and support. Our President and C.E.O. Mr. Epaminondas Farmakis effective January 8, 2015 will fully depart ELPIS and join the Solidarity Now network in Greece as Managing Director.

They also would like to offer our thanks for the wonderful initiative and support to our Board Members Mrs. Annita Petropoulou and Mr. Sam Zakar. Of course our gratitude also goes to the “soul” of ELPIS Ms. Fay Koutzoukou and Mr. Evangelos Kakavas, whose talent and professionalism elevated ELPIS to the level it is. Ms. Sara Lee Bentley joined our team rather recently but she managed to bring communications to a new level and brought in lots of creativity. Special thanks as well to former team members Mr. Vlassis Adraktas, Ms. Eddie Zakar, Ms. Nadine Tzetza, Ms. Marianna Kallipoliti and a note of appreciation to our sponsors and supporters around the world.

Accordingly, They have actively pursued and completed the following noteworthy projects that aim to not only promote the good practices and advancement of these issues, but to pave the way for strategic philanthropy and social investment, especially at a time when such support is deemed necessary for our society to thrive.

ELPIS’ projects:

New legal framework for NGOs 

For many years, Mr. Farmakis advocated a new legislative framework for NGOs in Greece and was very happy to serve as a committee member to the special legislative committee responsible to draft this new framework. Mr. Farmakis represented ELPIS and coordinated issues regarding transparency; program and organization management; taxation; and operational ethics.

EEA Grants NGO Programme – Collaboration with the Bodossaki Foundation 

Team members of ELPIS collaborated with the Bodossaki Foundation and the EEA Grants Office for the implementation of the NGO Programme in Greece, “We are all Citizens”. Our combined efforts are helping to allocate €7.34 million to more than 80 Greek NGOs by 2016 in order to strengthen civil society, and enhance its contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.

Creative Economy in Greece International Event 

On October the 18th, 2014 ELPIS organized the International Event on Creative Economy at the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece to resounding success! The event launched the ELPIS-sponsored, Greek translation of Felipe Buitrago Restrepo and Iván Duque’s, “The Orange Economy – An Infinite Opportunity” which was published in 2013 by the Inter-American Development Bank. Many internationally acclaimed professionals in the field of the Creative Economy spoke during it, explaining and examining the importance of the creative sectors for Greece’s economic development. A special thanks to our partners and sponsors for this event.

FelRd device 

ELPIS collaborated with the NGO SciFy, which designed and implemented “FelRd,” a prototype device/“joystick” for people with hand mobility restraints enabling them to control household appliances. Along with the Bodossaki Foundation and an anonymous sponsor, ELPIS is pleased to have provided the funding for the production of the first 100 devices which are being distributed to people with kinetic disabilities. The technology and designs of “FeIRd” are available to the public at no cost and the first 30 devices have already been donated and used by ELEPAP.

MedChild app 

Teamed with a board of highly specialized pediatricians, ELPIS collaborated with the NGO “Together for Children” on the design and implementation of MedChild, a health- related mobile application intended for parents. Using tools and questionnaires, parents can monitor children’s development from 0 to 18 years old and recognize signs that may require attention while keeping track of all necessary vaccinations. At the same time, users can use this free app to capture and comment on their children’s milestones and share them via social media channels. Many thanks to our sponsor, the Athens International Airport. The app is available for download at no cost through the itunes store and google play!

Shedia app 

ELPIS contributed to the NGO Diogenis and specifically to its social project, “Shedia”. Shedia is the only street paper in Greece that provides the opportunity to homeless, unemployed and the poor to earn money in a dignified way. ELPIS is also working with Diogenis to develop a mobile application that tracks and reviews Shedia’s accredited sellers in real time in order to provide useful data and information for both the general public and the magazine’s management team. The app will soon be available, thanks to our sponsor the Hellenic Petroleum Group.

Ecclesiastical Nursing Home in Samos 

ELPIS provided funding for the purchase of much-needed new hospital equipment for the Ecclesiastical Nursing Home in Samos, a remote area in Greece in need of assistance in elderly care, under the guidance of the Metropolitan Bishop Eusevios.

International We C.A.R.E. Program 

ELPIS supported the international educational program in Greek public schools in the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, We C.A.R.E, which encourages a positive school environment by promoting communication and interconnection between children of Greek descent and their peers in Greece.

National Garden of Greece 

ELPIS sponsored the maintenance and improvements to the children’s playground facilities of the National Garden of Greece in Athens. For the first time, improved facilities will also feature equipment for children with special needs.

In addition, ELPIS has sponsored a number of noteworthy events, including:

TEDxAthens and TEDxAueb 

TEDx events worldwide are centers of inspiration, exchange of best practices and incubators of new ideas. As such, for the past two years, they are proud to have had an ongoing partnership with both TEDxAthens and TEDxAUEB.


Volunteerism and, especially, youth volunteerism is much lacking in Greek Civil Society. This is why ELPIS was very happy to be a Social Partner of Sparks, by Global Volunteers Platform (GloVo) which celebrated and promoted youth volunteerism with three days of workshops, seminars and volunteer initiatives all over Athens.

ELPIS talks to…

Charles Best, Founder and CEO of DonorsChoose

Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, Doctor Without Borders