Focus areas

ELPIS implements projects in the following areas:

Social welfare:

The financial crisis in Greece and Southern Europe and its resulting increase in poverty and internal conflicts has intensified the need for global giving. They support NGOs and foundations that provide welfare and basic services to socially vulnerable groups, increase social inclusion and combat unemployment.


They believe that all children have the right to a correct education. They intend to help improve early care and education programs in order to enable every child to succeed not only in school but also in life. Moreover, they support the promotion of philanthropy and volunteering through Schools, Universities, education centers and seminars.

Arts and Culture:

Engagement in sustainable arts and cultural experiences leads to critical thinking, creativity, and appreciation of different perspectives. They support innovative ideas, cultural programs and events that promote the spirit of teamwork, philanthropic giving and knowledge sharing.

Health and Science:

People who suffer from poverty and/or social exclusion are most often also deprived of the necessary healthcare. They focus on improving the healthcare system for the people in need and promoting new scientific research and technology for general growth in the sector.

Human Rights:

They believe that everyone has equal rights. Unfortunately, disadvantaged people very often fall victim to violations of their basic human rights. This is due either to a lack of resources or to a lack of education. They support and advise organizations and individuals who promote the equality of human rights by providing professional support, educational seminars and counselling sessions.


Environmental preservation and protection is highly important. They support organizations and programs that educate and engage communities to take action in reducing pollution and diminishing the effects of climate change. These are essential moves in order for them to ensure a sustainable future in a vital environment.

Public Policy & Advocacy:

By supporting advocacy strategies through influencing law and policy making and improving government response, they aim to achieve long term social change and contribute to increasing the community awareness on important social issues. More specifically, they assist in organizing strategy inquires, information gathering, coalition building and monitoring the action and its results.

Economic Development & Capacity Building:

Many NGOs lack the necessary capacity and resources with which to implement their projects. They aim to improve the sector and engage in the capacity building of organizations by assisting and advising them towards economic development. These actions lead to the promotion of stronger NGOs and Civil Society, which in turn lead to the improvement of all the focus areas of ELPIS.