ELPIS helps donors create and direct thoughtful and effective charitable giving programs throughout the world and especially in Greece and Southern Europe.

They represent the cumulative knowledge and experience of more than seventeen years in the field and have supported over 1 billion euro of grantmaking funds, working with more than 1.000 NGOs in more than 2.500 projects worldwide.

They offer to grantmakers the following services:

–    Establishing a foundation or other giving vehicle
–    Developing and evaluating a mission statement together with strategic and operating plans
–    Structuring key governance and investment policies
–    Providing in-depth research and advice on issues, approaches and best practices
–    Supporting fiscal sponsorship and re-granting programs
–    Establishing procedures for due diligence, grant distributions, post-grant evaluations, and recordkeeping
–    Implementing and evaluating grant programs
–    Assessing the quality, results and impact of grantmaking
–    Advising on grant payments in installments and as per progress of each grant